We maximize the positive impact, competitiveness
and profitability of organizations from ESG strategic management.

BDS Group: Comprehensive ESG Management

Strategy, technology and vision to advance with portfolios and operations with positive impact at the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance level.

Improve your performance, maximize your opportunities, and manage your ESG risks with integrated software, data, and consulting solutions.

ESG consulting

With this path and Saggio Software, we help you maximize your sustainable action, achieving strong ESG performance for:

  • Increase profitability by maximizing opportunities and managing ESG risks.

  • Maximize positive impacts and reduce negative ESG impacts.

  • Improve relationships with Stakeholders.

  • Gain significant savings by managing ESG metrics to improve your operational efficiency.

  • Increase reputation and competitiveness.

  • Attract and retain customers.

  • Attract the best talent.

  • Develop new sustainable businesses and new markets.

Specialized ESG Consulting

We measure and monitor your environmental impact:

° Carbon footprint. ​
° Water footprint.​​
° Environmental footprint.​
° Carbon neutrality strategy.​
° Climate risk assessment.
° Circularity strategy. ​
° Carbon projects. ​
° Compensation of emissions.

We evaluate and enhance its Social Impact:

° Measuring the impact of corporate social investment​.
° Maximum impact plan aligned with the 2030 Agenda.
° Corporate well-being plan and ESG business culture​.
° Strategic plan for relations with stakeholders.​
° Socioeconomic studies.

We strengthen your Government System:

° ESG compliance system​.
° Responsible supply chain management

Saggio ESG, Software for:

° Diagnose the level of ESG Maturity.
° Realize Double Materiality.
° Monitor the ESG Strategy.
° Generate ESG Reports.
° Measure the Carbon Footprint.
° Monitor decarbonization strategy.
° Measure the Water Footprint.
° Manage the Supply Chain at the ESG level.
ESG certified companies
Ton C02 Compensated

Success stories!

Our team

Stefany Arteaga
Stefany ArteagaCEO BDS Group
Read More
Professional in International Relations, PhD© in Administration and International Relations and Master...
Jorge Useche
Jorge UsecheFounding Partner
Read More
Professional in Finance and International Relations, experience in the Financial and Stock Market sector for more than 10 years...
Luis de la Torre
Luis de la Torre Project Manager
Read More
Mechanical Engineer, MBA, Economics for Energy, PMP, Diploma in Applied Statistics and Air Pollution and Climate...
Alejandro Wilches
Alejandro WilchesESG Project Manager
Read More
Professional in Business Administration, Graduate Degree in Social Responsibility and Sustainability from Columbia University, specialist...
Maria Alejandra Medina
Maria Alejandra MedinaConsultant in Climate Change and Decarbonization
Read More
Environmental engineer, specialist in project management, Master in Sustainable Development...
Erika Chavarria
Erika Chavarria ESG Consultant
Read More
Professional in Economics, with Master's studies in Sustainability and Circular Economy...
Fabián Rodríguez
Fabián Rodríguez Senior Consultant in Climate Change and Decarbonization
Read More
Chemical Engineer from the National University, with more than 25 years of experience in emissions management...
Themy Arteaga
Themy Arteaga Key Account Manager
Read More
Systems Engineer. More than 12 years of experience in neuromarketing and sustainable management...
Santiago Hernández
Santiago Hernández Key Account Manager
Read More
Psychologist and MBA. 14 years of experience as an international executive in the Education sectors...
Camilo Fetiva
Camilo FetivaUser Experience Design Specialist
Read More
Branding and digital product designer, with a focus on user interface design, specialized in the UI/UX field...
Juan Pablo Cuadros
Juan Pablo Cuadros ESG Data Analyst
Read More
Economist and data scientist, with more than 5 years of experience in interpreting ESG Data...
Juan Sebastián Cuadros
Juan Sebastián Cuadros Saggio ESG Developer
Read More
Systems Engineer, backend developer with more than 6 years of experience creating programs...

ESG Trends

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We generate value for our business and institutional clients through the integration of social, economic, environmental and governance dimensions in the organizational strategy, to increase competitiveness, profitability and the contribution to the achievement of sustainable development objectives.
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