ESG consulting.

Con esta ruta y el Software Saggio, le ayudamos a maximizar su acción sostenible, logrando un sólido rendimiento ESg para:

  • Aumentar rentabilidad maximizando las oportunidades y gestionando los riesgos ESG.

  • Maximizar los impactos positivos y reducir los impactos negativos ESG.

  • Mejorar relaciones con Grupos de Interés.

  • Obtener ahorros significativos gestionando métricas ESG para mejorar su eficiencia operativa.

  • Aumentar la reputación y competitividad.

  • Atraer y fidelizar clientes.
  • Atraer al mejor talento.

  • Desarrollar nuevos negocios sostenibles y nuevos mercados.

The corporate strategy constitutes the master plan that seeks to preserve and strengthen the positioning, competitiveness, effective management of impacts and risks to guarantee the permanence of the business in the market and ensure sustainable growth.

In the current context, we are facing a series of emerging challenges, constantly evolving risks, disruptive opportunities, stakeholder demands and continuously changing regulatory frameworks, which has generated a new business paradigm based on environmental, social and good corporate governance (ESG).

In this context, business sustainability (Business Permanence) can only be guaranteed through effective management of risks, impacts and opportunities related to the environment, society and good corporate governance.

The ESG strategic framework emerges as the answer to these challenges. This approach refers to the corporate strategic plan that integrates the three ESG dimensions in a balanced way.

This strategy guides all aspects, objectives and strategic, operational and financial actions of the company, considering the double materiality, in order to ensure the sustainable success of the business in the short, medium and long term.



Corporate governance

To continue advancing sustainably from the ESG Strategic Framework, companies must follow the following steps:

of ESG Maturity:

It consists of evaluating the level of maturity of the company, its impacts, risks and gaps at the ESG level, taking as a reference the main ESG frameworks and standards such as GRI, TCFD, SASB, CDP, DJSI, MSCI among others.

Double Materiality:

It consists of the identification of strategic business issues based on the analysis of the ESG impacts of the company towards the economy, society and the planet and the identification of ESG risks and opportunities that would impact the financial sustainability of the business, the convergence between impact materiality and financial materiality will result in Double Materiality.

Definition of Corporate Purpose:

Purpose= Reason for existence, essence of corporate identity and business strategy.
We identify the aspects that provide authenticity and maximum impact through collaborative processes, to define as a team the legacy that the company wants to leave in society and the planet from all the links of the business.

Construction of the
ESG Strategy:

Definition of objectives, goals, indicators, initiatives and those responsible, based on the purpose, double materiality and the ESG maturity level of the company.

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Monitoring of the ESG strategic scorecard in Saggio and preparation of reports in real time:

Use technology to manage the Strategy, with data analytics, alerts, and an automatic reporting system with standards such as GRI, SASB, TCFD, CDP to focus management on strategic issues.
Get to know Saggio the solution to manage your ESG Strategy.

Sustainable Portfolios:

At BDS Group, we focus on helping companies meet the demands of consumers who seek products and services from responsible companies committed to sustainability. In addition, we provide advice to improve the relationships and reputation of companies with investors, through innovation in their product and service portfolios.

Our objective is to collaborate in the identification of new businesses and in the innovation of portfolios, considering the environmental and social impact throughout the life cycle of products and services. We work together to develop strategies that promote sustainability at all stages, from design and production to consumption and final disposal.

Responsible management of the Value Chain.

At BDS Group, we offer customized solutions to promote responsible management in supply chains. Using Saggio software, we assess risks, impacts, maturity, and gaps, as well as calculate metrics such as carbon and water footprints. We also identify opportunities for improvement and implement sustainable strategies, leaving installed capacity in the supply chain to drive sustainable growth in line with the company’s strategy.

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