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BDS GROUP, leader in ESG strategic management consultancy, obtains the B Corp seal with a record score of 119.4 points.
BDS GROUP, an international consulting firm specializing in ESG strategic management, has reached a significant milestone by obtaining the prestigious B Corp certification with an outstanding score globally. This achievement consolidates BDS GROUP’s position as a leader in promoting triple impact and business sustainability internationally.

The B Corp certification is the most recognized certification worldwide for companies seeking to maximize their positive impact and profitability by aligning themselves with the highest sustainability standards. BDS GROUP has demonstrated its dedication through rigorous evaluations, setting a benchmark for other organizations in the field of sustainable management.

As a leader in ESG strategic consulting, BDS GROUP has been a key driver in integrating sustainable practices in numerous companies, helping them manage risks and seize opportunities related to environmental, social and governance factors. Its commitment to the triple impact, which seeks to generate benefits for people, planet and financial results, has been fundamental to its success and has gained international recognition.

The achievement of BDS GROUP is a testament to the transformative power of companies that seek to maximize their positive impact on the world and generate sustainable profitability. BDS GROUP stands as an inspiration and reference for other companies, demonstrating that business excellence and sustainability go hand in hand.
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