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Meeting of Entrepreneurs of the Caribbean Region led by BDS Group
BDS Group, in collaboration with the Global Compact Colombia and with the participation of prominent organizations such as Global Reporting, Sistema B, Asobancaria, Amazonía Emprende and the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena de Indias, has successfully carried out the First Meeting of Entrepreneurs of the The Caribbean Region.

This event, held with the aim of providing a space for the presentation of challenges, risks, opportunities and related trends in ESG management and competitiveness in the private sector, has brought together a total of 40 major companies in the region.

Under the theme “The SDGs in Business Models”, the Meeting of Entrepreneurs of the Caribbean Region, led by BDS Group, has provided a unique platform for the exchange of knowledge and the discussion of the best sustainable business practices.

During the meeting, the participants had the opportunity to analyze and discuss the best practices in terms of sustainability, as well as share experiences and lessons learned. Experts in the field, representatives of the Global Compact Colombia, Global Reporting, Sistema B, Asobancaria, Esenttia, Amazonía Emprende and other organizations gave specialized conferences and workshops to guide entrepreneurs in their search for responsible and sustainable economic growth.

In addition, the event allowed companies to establish contact and collaboration networks, thus promoting the creation of strategic alliances in the region. The interaction between the participants facilitated the identification of joint business opportunities, promoting economic growth and job creation in the Caribbean Region.

BDS Group, as a leader in promoting sustainable business practices, has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility by organizing this important meeting. His vision of strengthening collaboration between companies in the region and fostering the adoption of responsible and sustainable business models has been key to the success of this pioneering event.

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